My story, then the box.

My story, then the box.

If you ask the people that know me personally, they will tell you that I'm incredibly chatty, happy, compassionate, and lovable (I think I am all of the above). But few of these people, very few, will tell you that I struggle with anxiety and depression. Why struggle? Because that's precisely what it is, as it comes primarily unannounced, even when you're living a great life.
Everyone's battle comes from different places, manifests differently, and can be better or not in many ways.
Why I'm telling you this?
Because I'm not afraid to say it anymore, I'm not ashamed, and I want people that feel like me to know that you are not alone.
I want to tell you my story and how I created this box to make a difference.
Through the years, I have learned what works for me and what makes my anxiety and depression get better. One of the most important things I have learned is to love myself the way I am; I am different, I know!
I worry too much.
I always think the worst.
I overthink everything and anything.
I worry about what people think about me.
I have a brain that never shuts up.
I feel like I'm failing all the time.
And I can go on.
Do I have to believe all these things? NO
Will they go away if I think positively? I wish, but no!
But something I can do is add more things that bring me joy, do things for me, LOVE ME, CARE FOR ME, THINK OF ME, BE STRONG, and know that I'M LOVED.
That is precisely what this Candle Box means; even in a small package, you can find things that make you happy, change the space around you, or bring you joy because you bought something for yourself!
I make each box personally, with my love for those who will receive this box; at the same time, when you subscribe to the box, you are paying it forward, as I will be donating to an organization that promotes mental health.
My home is my sanctuary; it is where I want to be the most, making my home ambiance greatly influences my mood and state of mind.
This is the purpose I want to share with you with my boxes (Home Decor, Candles)
"Make a house a home with the things you love," and yes, that's my quote, and I genuinely believe in that.
I am so happy to share a little about me and let you know that you have become part of my journey by becoming part of my WHW family.


DISCLAIMER: I'm not a professional in mental health; this is only my experience. I encourage you to seek professional help if you need it.

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I appreciate you sharing your story. In today’s world mental health should not be taken lightly. I wish people would go and seek help. Life can be a wonderful experience if only people sought help so they too can enjoy life. Hurting oneself and others in never the answer. Thank you and I look forward to enjoying my monthly candles. ♥️🥰

Evelyn Carrion

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