One of the reasons I decided to focus on the WHW Luxe box, which we call the WHW Box from now on (as it allows the creation of a more Luxurious box in the future) is that I want to make sure that we can cover almost every style and taste in the box.
The WHW box includes the Modern Farmhouse, Contemporary, Transitional, and Traditional, and now you will also see Nordic/ Scandinavian decor as an option. The last style has become very popular on the entire planet for the "hygge" effect and neutral design this brings.
When choosing the items for your box, sometimes it can be not very clear if we choose by style instead of what will go well with my home.
Well, I will explain some of the styles you find in our WHW boxes as straightforwardly as possible.
I don't see myself choosing one decor style specifically, as I like to mix and match until I get that "hygge" effect in my house; that's my ideal decor style.
1. Modern Farmhouse
I will call it a cousin of the Farmhouse decor style; it combines traditional farmhouse elements with a more modern twist, cleaner lines, and lots of natural light.
Some key elements:
Black Accents (Windows, Door, Fixtures, etc.)
Batten and Board Walls (Accent Wall) in an effortless and clean design.
Wood, yes, wood! (I love wood!)
Simple Wall Art (no words signs like our cousin Traditional Farmhouse)
2. Transitional
This style has the best of both worlds when you can combine traditional decor with modern. They're no rules; you can combine different elements that best suit your unique style. It's the freedom of decor!
Some key elements:
Modern Light Fixtures
Abstract/Modern Wall Decor
3. Traditional (It's rarely used in our boxes)
Think of a classic movie; this style dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries, where you can find more deep colors, lots of traditional wall art, colored fabric, etc., all opposite to minimalist decor.
Some key elements:
Wing Back Chairs
Velvet and Satin Fabrics
4. Contemporary
With this decor style, you can say what it's in style today; that's what it means. It's not necessarily modern decor, as you can find traditional or vintage items, a mix that goes well together. Contemporary decor is constantly changing; in 5 or 10 years, you can see some different elements or color palettes in this decor. So when I curate the contemporary items, it is basically what's "Trending" at the moment.
Some key elements:
Minimalist elements
Gold accents
5. Nordic/Scandinavian
And our new friend has been seen everywhere you look for decor inspiration. My decor style has shifted more and more to the Scandinavian style. I will say this decor style is a distant cousin of Modern but comfort and warmth are present in this decor style. It's more like a "hygge" effect.
A cozy, clean, bright, and neutral home is how I've styled my home this couple of months.
Some key elements:
Neutral Walls
Lots of natural wood, plants, and cotton linens.
Natural Light
Streamline furniture, but comfy.
You may ask what happened with Boho; this decor style's key feature is bright colors, vintage items, and many plants. I have yet to include as many items from this decor style lately, and I know a fellow subscription owner who creates beautiful Bohemian boxes every time. Just Deco!
Well, I hope this helps you define your decor style; some are very similar in some elements and color palettes. That's why I recommend going with the item you love the most; there's no right or wrong selection.
As long as you love your home.
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