I'm here thinking about how fast this WHW year has been.
Yeap, with our Summer HomeBox, I celebrate my first year since I started this fantastic box that has taught me so much so far.
You know when you're doing an interview, and they ask you how you see yourself in 3 years? I would have never imaging myself being in this beautiful business stage that I'm now. I'm still tiny, but my dreams are HUGE!
Now let's get to the exciting part. When I started WHW HomeBox, I offered in my boxes handcrafted signs and handcrafted candles. As many of you know, for now, WHW is just me; as much passion I have for doing my handmade items, I went from doing 50 signs in a season box to 300. My last sign was in our Winter HomeBox, and my workdays were seven days a week from 3 am to 9 pm every day. It's a lot for me, I know. Why don't you hire someone to do the signs? Well, I don't know if you have seen, for example, on Etsy the price of a Handcrafted wood sign our size, it goes from $20-$60. The wood is cut, sanded, painted, designed, and framed. It takes a lot of time and money from so many other things I have to do in my business. To be honest, not only from my company but from my family. Not to say that the era after COVID brought so many challenges with finding wood suppliers, higher costs, and higher shipping.
But the good news about this is that two times a year, I will do a giveaway to our subscribers of a Handcrafted sign from yours truly in our community group on FaceBook.
Talking about the era after COVID, the shipping prices freight charges from vendors increased enormously, not to say the items In-stock challenges. But what is maybe a challenge for me is good news for you. I won't raise prices this year, shipping, or base price.
THIS ONE IS BIG; beginning with the Summer HomeBox, I will keep offering a neutral palette, but you will have the option to choose a pop of color from the selections. You will also be able to see more spoilers before your subscription renews, so if you're not feeling the box that quarter, you can skip to the next box.
Candles, let's talk candles. As some of you know, our Candle shop will open this mid-March 2022, where you can select from various premium scents. They will be the same 100% natural soy wax, premium fragrances, and cotton/wood wicks. I'm working on adding a candle subscription to complement your HomeBox; this means if you have both subscriptions, you could save even more.
Why I'm sharing all this with you? Personally, I'm not too fond of surprises with things I'm already used to. As my small business keeps growing, I will always be transparent with you, my WHW family, because I appreciate your loyalty through this very first year. I'm reading all suggestions and taking notes to improve my business, having you as my priority. Thank you for letting me help you with your home decor needs. Until next time!
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