It has been some time since I last wrote here on my blog.
As I was thinking about the box (just like every day), I had the idea to share with you more about the box.
In plain sight is a package with home decor inside, but I have learned it is much more.
WHW box started as a hobby out of love for home decor.
I started researching and was guilty of saying, "this is easy."
My launch date and I had a few subscriptions. I took my time inspecting and packaging everything like a friend's present.
I didn't know that I would fall in love with the box. As I started gaining more subscribers, my biggest pride was my kids' faces talking about their "famous mom." I made them part of this adventure; they're my biggest advertisement everywhere we go.
I wanted to advertise and promote my box everywhere, but to be honest, I was scared; why? Because I'm my biggest critique.
I had the blessing of reaching Samantha (The Pink Envelope) one day to do my first unboxing in exchange for an honest review, and I never looked back. She is real in the kindest way; I take notes every time and work even harder on the next box.
Just a quick note, if you're not subscribed to Samantha's channel, you will miss the first unboxing every time.
After that, first unboxing and heard that I did well. I felt ready for growth and opportunities.
I'm still a tiny business, scared every day; of course, I'll be lying if I say I'm not.
Every WHW subscriber is important to me; meeting quality and satisfaction are in my mind every day.
How do we prepare your box every season?
It starts with coffee, always with coffee.
Until recently, it was just me, but the time came to reach for help.
To get ready for a season, I visit what's called The Market, where I make the "shopping list" to see the quality of the items or to have an idea of what's trending. I also spend days researching between US vendors for items available to prepare myself to start building the box.
I'm sure, like some of my small business peers in this industry; I look for items you won't find in big stores; most of these items are handcrafted and exclusive for most vendors.
As a small business, I have to purchase my merchandise here at home (US), as it is impossible to meet the quantities for buying outside. Besides, I feel proud I'm supporting another US business.
Merchandise is here and ready to be inspected as not all of my treasures arrive safely to me. It takes weeks, but it's key to me, especially after the "bad spoon" from the Fall Box. Why wasn't it properly inspected? I'm not trying to justify, but I was by myself trying to pack over 400 boxes; life happens for my team, and I'm human; they needed time to take care of themselves.
These past weeks, I've been building a team that has allowed me to inspect and repackage your items with care. Yay!
It's almost the Winter Box, and practically a few weeks to start packing the box. My small office is full of laughter and people that understand and love this box as much as I do.
I love sharing photos with my WHW family and keeping everyone updated with was happening. Maybe in some pictures, you may notice a spray bottle, that's alcohol; I have an obsession with keeping everything disinfected (I know)
How is a WHW subscription box different from going to the store?
They're so many reasons.
  1. Stay home.
  2. I plan the decor for your season; you don't have to do it.
  3. You won't find those items in-store. (Maybe online, but not all, as some are exclusive to approved stores or at a higher price)
  4. If you're like me, you will always have a present ready for any occasion like a wedding, if it is still in the box.
  5. You save a lot of $ on shipping. Home Decor or any "big box" subscription costs more than $15 to ship, going up to $50. It's a lot, I know! I may not be near Jeff Bezos, but I like to add value to your box with non-visible savings.
  6. Exclusive handcrafted items made by me. (Candles and Wood Signs)
  7. Most importantly, it's prepared with lots of love.
I could just tell you more. But I do want to say that maybe my box is not for everyone; we like to buy our things in many ways. What works for you may not work for another. One thing is for sure, if you're a WHW subscriber, I think daily about ways to improve the box every time, and I'm incredibly grateful for you being here.
I couldn't say it before, but today I can; as a person that lives with Anxiety and Depression, this box has helped me in so many ways.
Phew, I talk a lot, even type a lot, but I love to share. It makes me feel that I'm making your part of everything WHW.
Thank you for hanging out with me for a little bit and being part of my WHW family.
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