Our WHW Fall Homebox is finally here!

Before I start curating the boxes, I create what some may call a "Mood Board." I have been doing this for over ten years every time I start a new decorating project.
After choosing the shades, fabrics, and elements, I select a theme for the box. For this fall of 2021, my inspiration revolved around what I love the most "Family and Friends." When I see on the calendar August 1, the only thing that comes to mind is the fall décor; I immediately start designing projects around the house to refresh my décor for the new season.
I don't know if this happens to you as it does to me; Every time I go to the store to find a new decoration, I end up with a box full of things that do not have space in my house at the end of each seasonal setting. So I decided to start shopping with a purpose, and that's something I do every time I select pieces for the HomeBox. I design and pick multifunctional pieces and wood tones that complement each other. Each item is carefully thought out and tested for functionality and appeal. You don't just pay for a box; you have your personal designer every season.
Let's see what's inside!
There are five decor items in this fall HomeBox
WHW exclusive design wood sign: This sign is entirely designed and handcrafted for you. Our signs are made from birch plywood; it comes with a hanger (not installed); I do it like this because if you are like me, that constantly changes the decoration. Personally, I would say I don't like to damage my walls.
Command Strips is the best option for me. * Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation.
Mustard Throw: This throw is a cotton blend with the perfect color tone to reuse in any other season.
Pumpkin White Fabric: I have, to be honest, this is the last piece added to the box. I wanted an item that says fall, but with a neutral color and the perfect finishing touch. I was impressed by how beautiful it is. I couldn't contain my excitement when I opened the box and saw the beauty for the first time.
Harvest Gathering Candle: This candle is from our exclusive brand. We offer candles in our store, but the jar is exclusive to my HomeBox subscribers, and I wanted to make something special for this box. This candle smells like home in fall.
Small Wood Tray: The perfect wood-tone blends well with other wood tones for any season. It is a piece that has thousands of ways to decorate it and reuse it for each season.
I know this box will put you in the mood for fall. We can't wait, can we? Well, at least I can't wait for one of my favorite seasons.
I thank each of my subscribers, and, as you may have noticed, I respond to all customer messages and inquiries. My promise to you is that your satisfaction comes first for me. I am always open to suggestions, and as this family continues to grow, I want to continue adding perks to the box each season.
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