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Article: A new year of change!

A new year of change!

A new year of change!

It's been a while since I last connected with you through my blog. Whether discussing WHW products and decor or sharing personal favorites that touch my heart, my commitment to transparency with this amazing community remains steadfast.

The year 2023 has been challenging for White Home Woods, marked by moments of tears and self-doubt, questioning the very joy that initially inspired the creation of the box. When I embarked on the journey of WHW Boxes, the intent was simple: to infuse joy into a box and share my love for decor as a personal decorator from another state. Crafting a Home Decor box is more than a task; it's a labor of love. From studying trends to marking favorites in catalogs, the process involves days at the computer, building themed boxes, and praying for vendor availability. 

The final bundle often diverges from the initial plan due to unforeseen circumstances. Introducing the option to select all your items was a decision driven by my heart despite the internal struggles. Nowadays, a calculator has become my best friend as I meticulously divide items to fit within price ranges while ensuring they harmonize with a decor theme. When everything aligns, believe me, I can finally sleep through the night.

Fast forward to the arrival of merchandise, my sister and I embark on the exciting yet challenging task of unpacking. We often find humor in speculating where a box originates from based on its color or scent, a testament to our time together. Items are carefully inspected and repacked for individual shipping, and occasionally, we encounter challenges like the Winter Lanterns, where broken glass necessitates meticulous efforts to salvage the lanterns.

Two seasons in a row saw 70% of items arriving broken, prompting a decision to source everything from US vendors to ensure quality and accountability. The upcoming three months will be crucial in making this transition as I dedicate time to inspecting each item, emphasizing the importance of a flawless box experience.

Packing weeks is a testament to gratitude, especially for the first box we pack, where Tetris's skills come into play. Despite my best efforts, there's a running joke about my measuring tape changing numbers when buying boxes, adding a touch of humor to the process. While we once had a branded box, the unpredictability of Home Decor box sizes led to a pragmatic decision to opt for a plain brown box. This change added value to product quality and packing materials, emphasizing personal attention over fulfillment companies.

Why share all this? Because I want you to know that your box is not just a collection of items; it embodies love, sweat, tears, and laughter. As we enter a new year, changes are inevitable based on the lessons learned. My love for WHW and gratitude for the WHW family remain unwavering, and embracing change is essential for our continued journey together. The challenges of the past year, coupled with the economic climate for small businesses, have been complex, but your support remains my top priority.

With the new year comes a need for changes to save and shift the business to safer ground. Despite the hardships, I'm not ready to say goodbye just yet. Subscribers are always at the forefront of my mind when making changes, and the first change involves closing the Petite Box for new subscribers after a trial period. Current subscribers need not worry; you'll retain your Petite with selection benefits.

How will it work? You can skip or pause anytime, but we advise you not to cancel the subscription to retain the price lock. You can also add an additional subscription like Moyen for the season and skip your Petite. Email notifications and a designated area for Petite selections will be provided, and I'm working on a one-time purchase for Petite later in the selections month.

The second change involves limiting Add-Ons to streamline shipping costs and ensure fair compensation. The third and final change for now is moving WHW to a smaller location. A final sale will be held to clear inventory.

I share this not to create a sad or pity-laden blog but to be transparent. As a survivor of depression, I've learned the importance of speaking honestly about challenges. I do WHW not to amass wealth but because it's what I love. The community and friends I've made over the years are my driving force.

Here's to a fantastic year ahead, filled with positive changes and exciting additions to your WHW experience! Your support and understanding mean the world to me.

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